Selling NYC: Tips For Selling Your NYC Apartment

Living in a New York City apartment may be exciting, but it is also very expensive. With the average rent for a two-bedroom Manhattan apartment being $3,895 a month, it’s understandable if you want to sell your NYC… Read More

Ramin Kamfar

Establishing and Identifying NYC’s Compelling Facts and Secrets

New York City has more secrets than it has notable restaurants –which is saying something. More than owning a number of incredible culinary treasures, the city is also renowned its variety of destinations and features, and its renewed… Read More

Small Banks Shrinking Away From Commercial Real Estate

According to reports, small banks have begun to shrink away from commercial real estate, opting out of financing the market as federal regulators increase inquiries and surveillance around lending. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Office of the… Read More

City Island, the Nautical Village, Is Attractive to New Yorkers, Newcomers

City Island, the nautical village located on the far north tip of the Bronx, is starting to gain attraction from more that seafood-loving locals. The entire city and more are looking to the New England-style area, which has… Read More

Entrepreneurship & Real Estate Investment: 10 Tips for Excelling as an Investor

  Real estate investment can be a useful and intentional tool for certain entrepreneurs, particularly those interested in lending their money to a market that has definite long-term potential. 1. Consider Lending There are several ways one might wisely invest in… Read More


Hershey Gearing Up to Open New Times Square Location

Hershey, the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America, is gearing up to open a new Manhattan flagship location, which will be triple the size of the existing location. At the base of a 39-story hotel and retail development at… Read More

Real Estate Investing in a Recovering Economy

Last month the Federal Reserve announced that it would raise short-term interest rates to a modest range of 0.25-0.5 percent. In efforts to boost the ailing economy, interest rates were at a low near zero percent for the… Read More

The Basics of REI

When it comes to real estate investing, or REI for short, it’s clear that those who are in the know reap the most rewards. This is no easy venture to just plunge into. It’s much more than simply… Read More

Crowdfunding Company Launches New Program

In recent years, a significant number of crowdfunding companies have emerged which have focused their efforts on the real estate sector, and even more specifically, real estate investors. While most often, developers who are in the midst of… Read More