City Island, the Nautical Village, Is Attractive to New Yorkers, Newcomers

4925063648_790f964714_bCity Island, the nautical village located on the far north tip of the Bronx, is starting to gain attraction from more that seafood-loving locals. The entire city and more are looking to the New England-style area, which has a beautiful mix of architecture, everything from Victorian-style homes to cottages and spectacularly shingled houses.

Accessible via a single road (the City Island Road), City Island resembles a vacation town, but more than that, City Island is an area that thrives on its incredible seafood market. Visitors from other boroughs often dock their boats along the outskirts as they enjoy the incredible fare provided at the waterfront establishments. The incredible food is pair with a friendly demeanor that spreads widely across the entire community. Establishments such as the Seashore Restaurant, Sammy’s Fish Box and Johnny’s Reef gain a great deal of attention for this very reason –the breathtaking views notwithstanding.

No matter your budget or your tastes, there are are establishments to meet your many needs. Indeed, even if you’re not interested in seafood, you’ll be delighted to discover Bistro SK, a French eatery. Also, the farm-to-table newcomer Archie’s Tap and Table is available to offer up fresh and inspired meals.

The main artery on the island is City Island Avenue. Spanning the entire length of the neighborhood, there are a number of businesses. Other neighborhood essentials include laundromat, gas station, a school, and two groceries.  Visitors and residents can reach the island by car. Nearly exclusively residential, there are a series of tree-lined streets that encase two-story homes. There are several marinas on the on land where boaters dock. Also, the New York Sailing Center  at 231 Kirby St. provides instructional classes in sailing, including a beginners course.

There are no public beaches on City Island, but there are numerous private man-made beaches accessible only by key access. The tranquility of the area attracts many to the numerous available properties. The advantages of dwelling on City Island are numerous, and it more to offer than seafood and tranquility, but also vacation leaving and picturesque community. Prices are relatively low for New York City because it is in the Bronx, which is easily the most affordable borough.

Young professionals with families are beginning to move into the area, relocating from Manhattan and Brooklyn. New developments in the area, such as a 43-unit condo complex, opened in 2015, and has welcomed newcomers. Nonetheless, the island manages to cling to its small-town feel, no matter how many new residents it manages to add. Called a “bucolic place” by residents, City Island was used as the filming location for Wes Anderson’s comedy-drama, “The Royal Tenenbaums.”

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