Entrepreneurship & Real Estate Investment: 10 Tips for Excelling as an Investor


Ramin KamfarReal estate investment can be a useful and intentional tool for certain entrepreneurs, particularly those interested in lending their money to a market that has definite long-term potential.

1. Consider Lending

There are several ways one might wisely invest in real estate, one of those ways include acting as a lender. Use your money to support other real estate investors, which is ideal when you don’t have the time or the necessary expertise. What’s more: You’re likely to make a great profit it succeeds, and if it doesn’t succeed you’re able to sell that property for a cost greater than your investment. Partnering with someone through an investor network should help you to find collaborators.

2. Think About Your Liquid Assets

There tends to be cash flow implications, so be sure that you’re totally abreast to them. When it comes to real estate, there can be huge down payments and numerous investments throughout the year. Known that if you’re strictly looking for a quick return, your cash may be more successful elsewhere.

3. Be Vigilant and Cautious

Real estate investments are attractive, but many don’t recognize the overwhelming stress associated with being a landlord. Caution is warranted if you’re interested in sinking your energy into a real estate investment that requires ongoing management. Sometimes, the role of the hands-off silent investor may an ideal role.

4. Educate Yourself on the Nature of the Market

The real estate market is a living thing that must be mastered and understood before being invested in. Developing a firm understanding of an area, as well as nearby accommodations provide a clearer understanding of what a market has to offer its buyers. This means knowing whether an area relies on tourism, whether job prospects are available, proximity to foodways, and all essential factors that impact investing.

5. Review Your Options

Investment into real estate is quite time-consuming, particularly if managing by oneself. Consider the possibility that you may want to hire a property manager who is trustworthy and knowledgeable. Also, consider options around investment; decide in you want to place a vested interest in illiquid real estate investment or stock funds, which tend to be a bit more lucrative.

6. Confer With a General Contractor

Without wanting to place too much time into updating an investment, you’ll likely want to see that it is in pique condition. One way to do this is to partner with an established general contractor who is totally willing to do the work and split the profits. By doing this work gets completed and the contractor is compelled to do an outstanding job because they have a stake in property as well.

7. Consider Investing as a Wealth Growth

Developing a management company can be instrumental for wealth growth, but it can a vital for future planning. You have to be very conscious about where you’ll buy property, establishing that it’s an area that’s up-and-coming and will likely beckon a great deal of interested years to come. Living close to one’s property, particularly as the manager, is essential for maintenance, and it’s important for monitoring other potential opportunities.

8. Change Happens

Many real estate developers are enabled by investments from accredited and crowdfunded investments. In fact, crowdfunding campaigns funded the development that will be the tallest building in Colombia, BD Bacatá.

9. Be Prepared

Because real estate assets aren’t easily converted into cash, it’s important to have adequate capital on hand in order to pay all taxes and fees, and to maintain the property. Smart and capable real estate investors tend to have access to credit lines and capital reserves, as to hold on properties for a longer period of time.

10. Involvement in Your Market

Understanding your products and services is the best way to be a successful real estate investor. Enroll yourself into your market and gauge day-to-activity and partner with trusted and seasoned individuals.

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