Establishing and Identifying NYC’s Compelling Facts and Secrets

Ramin Kamfar

Establishing and Identifying NYC’s Compelling Facts and Secrets

Ramin KamfarNew York City has more secrets than it has notable restaurants –which is saying something. More than owning a number of incredible culinary treasures, the city is also renowned its variety of destinations and features, and its renewed by a constant desire to preserve and expand.

Did you know that the nation’s first pizzeria was open in the New York City in 1895? Also, did you know that NYC’s drinking water has tiny shrimp in it called copepods? Or, that NYC has the largest Chinese, Puerto Rican, and Jewish population, consequently making it a foodway without comparison, NYC is a city that proves that facts can best fiction. Don’t believe me? Ask the secret train platform that located in Waldorf Astoria hotel? There so much to learn about this incredible city!

Linguistic Diversity: New York City is a mixed salad that’s comprised of a variety of individuals from all over the nation and the globe. Approximately 30 percent of New Yorkers are foreign-born individuals, and this is particularly true when visiting Queens. There’s more linguistic diversity in NYC than anywhere else in the world, with a small sample of individuals speaking one of the 800+ different languages spoken. There are dialects spoken in NYC that are traditionally unique to secluded areas in South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. The Endangered Language Alliance is a New York-based project, which endeavors to preserve these languages.

Time Square’s Transformation: Times Square’s original name was Longacre, and remained that until 1904 when the New York Times moved there, provoking a title change. Much like the name of the area, the area’s reputation has undergone numerous changes. Two decades ago, Times Square was regarded as a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, with its erotic video stores, strip joints, and peep shows.

Today, many of these institutions have shuttered their doors, but some still consider NYC to be an ideal place to visit if you were interested in seeing a bit of flesh. The New York Supreme Court altered penal 245.01, allowing women to go shirtless as men are allowed to. However, there are few occasions where women actually walk around without their tops on. The area has progressed to be a prime destination for visitors, who are interested in nightlife, theater, film, bright lights, and street entertainment.

The Converted Cemeteries: Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, and Bryant Park are easily identified as some of the city’s most charming, lively and lush parks in the city, Times Square notwithstanding. The bosky sanctuaries aren’t quite what they seem. Did you know that each of these parks once were cemeteries? Washington Square Park alone has 20,000 bodies buried beneath the green space, concrete slabs, and structures. Bonus fact; NYC also has a burial ground located off of the coast of the Bronx, on a piece of land called Hart Island. The island, which is no longer open to the public, has accepted nearly one million bodies since 1869.

There are few places in the world like New York City. Stop by for a visit and find out why it’s a country with itself.

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