Learn About These Exciting High-Dividend-Paying REITs | Ramin Kamfar

Learn About These Exciting High-Dividend-Paying REITs

High-dividend-paying alternatives to routine investments are Real Estate Investment Trusts (or REITs), as they offer finer differentiation and produce repeated and dependable sources of dividend income. REITs managed to popularize the benefits of commercial real estate investments to… Read More

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Establishing and Identifying NYC’s Compelling Facts and Secrets

New York City has more secrets than it has notable restaurants –which is saying something. More than owning a number of incredible culinary treasures, the city is also renowned its variety of destinations and features, and its renewed… Read More

Crowdfunding as a Tool for Successful Real Estate Investment

Crowdfunding is striking a chord within the real estate world. The world of investment, particularly REI, has been reformed, reshaped, and remastered by the forceful and masterful efforts of new technology. Social media and other platforms that demand… Read More

Small Banks Shrinking Away From Commercial Real Estate

According to reports, small banks have begun to shrink away from commercial real estate, opting out of financing the market as federal regulators increase inquiries and surveillance around lending. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Office of the… Read More

City Island, the Nautical Village, Is Attractive to New Yorkers, Newcomers

City Island, the nautical village located on the far north tip of the Bronx, is starting to gain attraction from more that seafood-loving locals. The entire city and more are looking to the New England-style area, which has… Read More

Entrepreneurship & Real Estate Investment: 10 Tips for Excelling as an Investor

  Real estate investment can be a useful and intentional tool for certain entrepreneurs, particularly those interested in lending their money to a market that has definite long-term potential. 1. Consider Lending There are several ways one might wisely invest in… Read More


Hershey Gearing Up to Open New Times Square Location

Hershey, the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America, is gearing up to open a new Manhattan flagship location, which will be triple the size of the existing location. At the base of a 39-story hotel and retail development at… Read More


Real Estate Is Booming In Areas Surrounding Stadiums

It’s no secret that stadiums attract huge numbers of people. But now, those people aren’t just hanging out at the stadium for the day. They want to live in the surrounding areas, too. This phenomenon is occurring all… Read More

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Strategies Are Necessary for Successful Real Estate Investment

There are multiple ways an individual can be involved in real estate investment, which is likely the greatest things about real estate investment. However, no matter how you choose to be involved, you need to develop a strategy…. Read More

Golden Years Can Be Made More Financially Comfortable With Real Estate Investments

Real estate investment is a feasible option for bringing about supplemental income and diversifying personal income. Specifically, these investments can introduce ample retirement income for investors interested in focusing on creating wealth for their golden years. Ideally, retirement… Read More